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Recommended Uses:

Coomeh Solid Surface sheets are recommended for interior decorative applications as described below where prestigious appearance, high stain resistance, ease of maintenance and extensive customizing capabilities are beneficial.


Applications may include paneling for counter tops , elevators, tub and shower surrounds, sinks and interior signage.


Solid Surfacing is water-resistant and features inconspicuous seams and is renewable and repairable.


Because of their chemical makeup, Coomeh Solid Surface sheets are appropriate for many hospital applications.


Coomeh Solid Surface sheets are only available to fabricators who have received proper training by Coomeh or its distributors as “Certified Coomeh Fabricators.” Interested fabricators should contact their local Coomeh Solid Surface distributor for training requirements.

Architects, designers, builders and remodelers may locate certified fabricators through distributors of Coomeh Solid Surface products.


Product Composition:

Coomeh  Solid Surface sheets are manufactured of acrylic resins, with fire-retardant fillers and proprietary coloring agents. The sheets are homogeneous.


Coomeh  Solid Surface sheets are meant for interior use since they must be applied to a suitable substrate. For a list of approved substrates, adhesives and detailed installation instructions, please contact your local Coomeh representative or Certified Coomeh Solid Surface Fabricator.


Finishes and Colors:

Coomeh  Solid Surface panels are supplied with a linear sanded surface. The final finish should be supplied by the fabricator and may range from matte to high gloss, depending on the customer’s specification.





Inventoried Product:


Coomeh” Solid Surface
Standard Colors Inventoried Size Minimum Order
Frosty White        1573SL ۶۰” x 98″ (152.4cm x 248.92cm) None
Antique White      1572SL ۶۰” x 98″ (152.4cm x 248.92cm) None
Beige Tempest    1530TM ۶۰” x 98″ (152.4cm x 248.92cm) None


Product Type 025 = 0.240″(0.6096 cm) ±


Coomeh” Solid Surface is inventoried in three colors. Additional select Coomeh colors in 1/4″ thickness are available as a special order item; please see the Color Availability chart below.


Color Availability:


D30-SL Natural Almond ۹۰۳۰-ML Baja Melange
D50-TM Khaki Brown Tempest ۹۰۳۱-ML Mojave Melange
D309-MG Fawn Mirage ۹۰۳۲-ML Arabian Melange
D315-TM Platinum Tempest ۹۰۳۳-ML Caramel Melange
D354-SL Designer White ۹۰۴۰-MG Burnt Amber Mirage
D431-MG Alabaster Mirage ۹۰۴۱-ML Quarry Melange
D426-MG Raven Mirage ۹۰۶۰-ML Copper Melange
۱۵۳۰-TM Beige Tempest ۹۰۷۰-ML Arctic Melange
۱۵۳۱-MG Light Beige Mirage ۹۰۷۲-ML Aspen Melange
۱۵۷۲-SL Antique White ۹۰۷۳-ML Calypso Melange
۱۵۷۳-MG Frosty White Mirage ۹۰۸۱-MG Seacrest Mirage
۱۵۷۳-SL Frosty White ۹۰۸۲-ML Cascades Melange
۹۰۲۱-MG Graphite Mirage ۹۰۹۰-ML Eureka Melange
۹۰۲۲-MG Atlantis Mirage ۹۰۹۱-ML Midnight Melange
۹۰۲۳-ML Acadia Melange ۹۱۷۱MG Snowy Mirage
۹۰۲۴-ML French Blue Melange    


Special Orders:

The sheet size for special orders can be customized to allow for cost efficiencies and design flexibility. Maximum sheet size available is 60″ x 144″ (152.4cm x 365.76cm). Sheets may be approximately 1/4″ (6.35mm) longer and wider than sheet sizes listed above and special order sheet sizes. Minimum order quantities apply and allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Please contact your local Coomeh representative for complete order requirements.





  1. ۳. Fire Test Data


Fire Test DataCoomehSolid Surface

Coomeh″ Solid Surface is fire-rated to code compliance Class II per ASTM-E-84.


Technical Data


Typical Physical Properties of CoomehSolid Surface


Tests CoomehSolid Surface
Stain Resistance ANSI Z-124.3 modified Pass
Boiling Water Resistance NEMA LD3-3.05 No effect A
High Temperature Resistance NEMA LD3-3.06 No effect A
Radiant Heat Resistance NEMA LD3-3.10 No effect A
Impact Resistance NEMA LD3-3.08 (1/2 lb. Ball) ۱۲۵ in. drop B
Light Resistance NEMA LD3-3.03 No effect
Moisture Absorption ISO 4586-2 Method 7 ≤ ۰٫۴ %
Thermal Expansion Coefficient ASTM D 696 ۱٫۸ x10-5  in./in./°F
Hardness ASTM D 2583 (Barcol) ۵۷
Deflection Temperature Under Load ۹۰°C
Density ASTM D 792 ۱٫۶۰ gram/cm3
Approximate Weight ۲٫۱ lb./ ft2
Weatherability               ASTM D 2565 Pass C
ASTM D 1499 Pass C
Fungal Resistance        ASTM G 21 Pass
Bacterial Resistance     ASTM G 22 Pass

A     Boiling water and high temperature resistance tests may have an effect on the surface; however, the surface can be renewed to “No Effect.”

B     Tested without bonding to substrate.

C    Method of grading is ASTM D2244-89. Acceptability for passing is Delta E ۲ units.

The information contained in this section is based on technical data which Coomeh

believes to be reliable and is intended for use by persons having knowledge of this technical area at their own discretion. “Typical properties” refers to an average value.


Codes and Certifications – CoomehSolid Surface

  • GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality
  • GREENGUARD® Children and SchoolsSM
  • FDA compliance for food contact
  • Approved by NSF International in Class 51 for “Splash Zone” and “Food Zone” areas
  • ASTM G-22 bacterial resistance
  • ASTM G-21 fungal resistance


  1. ۶. Customer Services

For samples, literature, questions or technical assistance, please contact our toll-free Hotline at 800.433.3222, Monday through Friday, 7 am –۷ pm, CST.


What is Polygranite?
Polygarnite is a Polymer composite made from UP resin and ATH, which looks like granite stone. This is why Coomeh co. has come with the trade mark Polygarnite for its Solid Surface products.
Polygarnite is available in 60 Stunning colors, and is offered in the standard size of 3600 × ۷۷۰ ×۱۲ mm.
Polygaranite can be used as the Surface component in a large range of applications. Kitchen countertops, bathroom facilities, restaurant tables, lab units,… are the main applications which can use Polygranite as their Surfacing component.

Why Polygranite?
Before the invention of Solid Surface products, most of the worktop Surfaces were made from wood, stone, steel and ceramics. These material have many advantages and disqualifications at the same time. The purpose of Polygarnite Solid Surface which has allthe advantages of the mentioned, but lacks the disqualifications:
• Looks like Granite Stone.
• Feels shapes like wood.
• Clean & nonpoures like ceramics.
Several pieces of Polygarnite slabs can be joint together while the seams would be totally invisible.
Choose Polygarnite if you are looking for total desine freedom.

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